Since 1985 - 30 years and counting...serving Central Texas with water-side mechanical equipment.


City of Austin Rebates:

City of Austin water customers can qualify for rebates by reducing their cooling tower water consumption. We can help you with water level controls, centrifugal separators and replacement drift eliminators. Use this opportunity to upgrade your cooling tower system. See Austin Water's cooling tower page and "Bucks for Business" guidelines and application.


Our product lines:

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

      Marley, Ceramic, Hamon, Recold brands.  Cooling towers, closed-circuit coolers, evaporative condensers.  HVAC, power and industrial applications.

  • Lakos

      Centrifugal separators, sand filters for HVAC applications.

  • Tower-Flo

      Sand filters for industrial and HVAC applications.

  • Paul Mueller Heat Exchangers

     Plate and frame heat exchangers.

  • Waterline Controls

     Electronic water level controllers. High and low level alarms.

  • Rydlyme and Rydall

     APEX Engineering's biodegradable descalers and degreasers.