Manufacturer's Representatives
Manufacturer's Representatives

About Us

After 15 years with the Marley Cooling Tower Company (now SPX Cooling Technologies) Tom Dreher founded Dreher & Associates, Inc. in 1985, where he sought to represent the best names in water-side cooling for the central Texas region. 33 yrs have passed, and the goal still remains the same. Only now it is owned and operated by his son Eric Dreher, who joined the firm in 2001. We pride ourselves on making lasting relationships with our local contractors and users to keep Austin cool.

Eric Dreher


Joined the firm in 2001 and manages day-to-day operations.

Cindy Hoskins


Joined in 1999. Oversees the firm’s marketing, technology, human resources, financial and organizational management.

Jim Schonian

Sales – Greater Austin area

Jim brings over 30 years of cooling tower experience to the team. His career began with Marley at their headquarters in Kansas City in 1984, Jim specializes in aftermarket opportunities including replacements, retrofits and reconstruction.



Nathan Schnell

Component Sales

Nathan grew up listening to stories about cooling towers from his father who was practically born in one.

His background is in construction, has an affinity for the parts that make up the whole.




Trent Thurman

Outside Sales – Greater San Antonio

Trent brings 10 years of cooling tower experience to the team.