Lakos Filtration from Claude Laval Corporations

Lakos Separator

Lakos centrifugal separators are efficient filters for settleable solids. Often used in cooling towers and other water-side applications, the separators remove solids from the system, protecting your valuable equipment, reduce chemical use and maintainance.

  • Cooling Tower Basin Sweeping:  Sweeper piping installed in your cooling tower allow a separate filtration loop, keeping solids in suspension, directed to pump suction, to be removed. The filtered water is then returned to power the sweeper nozzles, continuing the cycle.


Dreher & Associates is the exclusive representative for the Claude Laval for HVAC separators and sand filters in central and west Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Midland and Odessa.  Give us a call to assist in sizing units or for parts and service to existing units. Full scale trailer and tabletop demostrations are available to see the separators in action.

Rainwater harvesting is now a part of the set of offerings from Lakos with SkyHarvester. Download the brochure for more information

For further information, please visit Lakos' website.