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Featuring the NEW Marley® DT Fluid Cooler with finned coil options, MD Everest® and NC Everest® Cooling Towers, Recold® V Tech Adiabatic Cooling System, MBX “EZ” Fill Pack, and various Control Panels.

#KeepItCool and keep an eye out. In early January, we’ll send print and email invitations to our best customers. Individuals who bring their invitation to the booth will enter a prize drawing and receive a cool gift!

SPX Marley - Kansas City Tour

We are excited to offer our Engineers and Contractors a trip to Kansas City for a tour of the SPX Marley Plant, and the Research Center called “The Cave”. Contact us for details!

Contractor Training - SCHOOL OF COOL

This is an excellent program we offer to our contractors who want to gain industry leading knowledge on tower design, general tower maintenance, inspections and start-ups. This three day workshop will strengthen your team and give you the confidence you need to succeed!