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The best names in cooling:

Marley  Factory assembled and field-erected cooling towers.
Recold Fluid coolers, cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
Ceramic:  Field-erected fiberglass cooling towers. Architectural cooling towers. Ceramic tile fill.
Balcke: One of the oldest names in cooling towers. Founded in 1894, Balcke is best known for industrial cooling towers, indirect dry cooling systems and air-cooled condensers. Balcke's products are primarily for the European market.
Hamon Dry Cooling: Industrial air-cooled condensers (ACC) and dry cooling for power plant and other industrial applications.

Five-cell Packaged Tower


SPX Cooling has combined the best names in cooling technologies to provide a full-service solution. Their products include all styles of cooling towers, fluid coolers, air-cooled condensers and dry cooling.

Dreher & Associates is the exclusive representative for SPX Cooling Technologies for HVAC, power and industrial applications in central and west Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Midland and Odessa.  Cooling towers have been our specialty and bring over 50 years experience in the business. We provide new and replacement equipment, repair parts and full service. Give us a call to discuss your cooling tower needs.  

SPX has a comprehensive website including technical brochures, specifications, and more.

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