Tower-Flo Sand Filters

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Sand filtration for your water-side HVAC and Industrial applications.

  • Reduce maintainance:  Filtration will minimize the time spent shoveling accumulation from equipment basins.
  • Equipment protection:  Provide protection to more expensive and sensitive equipment. Prevent clogged chiller tubes and heat exchangers.
  • Reduce energy consumption:  Contaminents directly interfere with heat exchange and peak performance.


Sand filters from Tower-Flo provide you worry-free filtration for cooling towers.

Dreher & Associates is the exclusive representative for the Tower-Flo sand filters in central, south and west Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Midland and Odessa.  Give us a call to assist in sizing or for parts and service to existing units.  

For further information, please visit Tower-Flo's website.