Replace your float valve or water level system for the last time!

Waterline Controls

Cooling Tower water level management is one of the most critical aspects of a properly operating system.  With dry-contact integration outputs in every Waterline Controls model, this critical function can be easily tracked and controlled using your existing building automation system.  Waterline Controls’ over 20 years of experience takes the guesswork out of water level management.

City of Austin requires high water level alarms on new cooling towers.

Current local plumbing code in the Austin requires new and replacement cooling towers to include overflow alarms. Our recommended model, the WLC-6000, includes this high level alarm, make-up water control, low alarm and a low water level cutout that can save expensive pumps from running dry. We also recommend slow-closing solenoids for your make-up water. These solenoids are superior to mechanical floats in that they can handle high city-water without pressure reducers.

Direct Replacement Units for Marley and any other brand of cooling tower.

Any Waterline Controls’ electronic water level controller models can be used to replace worn out cooling tower mechanical and hydraulic float valves and older electronic systems. With our system for cooling towers, you will never have to replace a water level controller again!

Our direct replacement models include all the features and functions of the other brand name units and custom sensor lengths from one inch to ten feet.

PLUS our direct replacement models ALSO INCLUDE the following exclusive features & benefits available ONLY in Waterline Controls’ electronic water level controllers.

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